Why A Blog?

Hello all!

So if you read my first post then you’re aware of my objective with this site! You might think why blog in order to get your point across? Why choose this avenue when it comes to helping other women? Truth is as a young girl traveling into adulthood, I didn’t have a “safe place” or somewhere to go that made me feel at ease or comfortable. Even within the walls of my home most of the time I felt like an outsider or like I just didn’t belong. Not there, not anywhere. That feeling of emptiness that I carried for so long led me to make the decision to create a space where other girls/women could turn to in their darkest of hours to see that they are not in fact alone. There are so many of us out there who face such terrifying struggles within our own mind and bodies that people will never truly see or understand.

In my own personal situation, I used humor as my mask. If you know me out in the real world, then you’ll most likely remember me smiling constantly or cracking jokes. I’ve always been that way and to be completely honest that’s always been my shield. I hid underneath my laugh and jokes, because people would automatically assume I was “okay” because I was always laughing and kidding around. This allowed me to hide my pain for years. It went unnoticed by teachers, friends, and even my family. To this day they have no idea how miserable of an existence I had as a kid, and I preferred it that way.

Now as an adult, I understand the importance of not hiding how I feel. I know now that ignoring my true feelings is what sent me into an even deeper hole. I never dealt with the issues going on internally I just let them fester. I get it, it’s not easy talking about this kind of stuff, but I truly believe it’s tougher to suffer in silence. It takes such an emotional and mental toll on you and your mind. Confide in a friend, a relative, a spouse, or a therapist! Just talk through your emotions and all the negativity in your head. You’d be surprised at how much of a weight you will feel has lifted off of you!

Next, find a hobby! Something you’re truly interested in that maybe you’ve held yourself back from doing, and go at it full speed. Invest your time and energy on this hobby or goal and work towards it with an open mind. You’d be amazed at why greatness you can achieve just by allowing yourself to try.

This step is a touchy one but I feel it’s necessary for our growth. It’s cutting ties with those who hold you back or speak negatively towards you or your goals. It’s true when they say that your circle of peers reflects greatly on your character. If you surround yourself with negativity or people who don’t wish to see you succeed, you will hinder your progress! Everyone needs a strong support system and individuals they can turn to for guidance, love, advice, and strength when theirs is lacking.

As women, I feel we are harder on ourselves. We have this idea that we have to have it all together ALL the time, and I’m here to tell you that, that mentality is the farthest thing from reality. It’s okay to not be okay all the time! It’s okay to get overwhelmed and frustrated! We are human and we are flawed and in that we are all unique and beautiful!

Until next time.

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