Growing Pains..

Growth is uncomfortable and unfamiliar.

Unchartered territory with “caution” and “beware” signs written all over it. Scaring us, and stopping us dead in our tracks because the fear of the unknown is terrifying. That uncertainty, that risk… will it be worth the reward? Who knows what obstacles lie behind those signs. What monsters are lurking there waiting for us to fail. Ready to pop out at any given moment and slip us up, dragging us away from our path…

But what if… behind those signs… behind the fear we instill in ourselves… past the doubt… under the hesitation… beneath the worry…

We find bliss. What if this is the key to setting ourselves free?? Pushing our limits to the point of discomfort and taking a leap expecting fully to fail but instead.. finding freedom in our abilities. What if here….in the unknown we find our comfort? Where we are finally free of all our inhibitions, our stress, our fear, and all of our questions that never had an answer before…now make sense.

What if the unknown isn’t so scary after all? What if it’s a playground for our creativeness? A carnival for our ideas. A vacation from our stress! The answer to all of our questions and problems!!

See here in the unknown, YOU make the rules. YOU set the standards. YOU pave the way for YOURSELF.

Fight past the warning signs, shut off that internal voice warning you not to try, don’t listen to the negativity from others, and take the leap. It’ll be uncomfortable at first but all growth is. That’s why they call it “growing pains.”

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