Finding Yourself.

Hello beauties!

Over the last couple of days my stress levels have been at an all time high. It came out of the blue as I have been on the right track, staying positive and motivated. Every once in a while though, my inner thoughts drag me off the path of inner peace and I begin to stress myself out over all of the little things. I woke up today and decided that while on this path of self love and finding myself, it’s okay to have some darker days where I lose a little hope. The important thing is to pick up right where I left off and remind myself of just how far I’ve come on this journey. It’s not always easy, believe me! I’m learning each day that this path of mine is a life long one. It’ll come equipped with many ups and downs and there might be times where I stray off of the path I’m on. It’s okay. After all, I am human so it’s bound to happen! My depression and anxiety have been with me for as long as I can remember, but through this journey of self care and self love, I believe I’ve been handling it better than I did in the earlier years of my battle.

I’ve decided to fill my days with as many things that bring me happiness as possible. For me that includes writing, exercise, and of course play time with my children! For you, it can be anything that brings you joy! Find what works for you. Things that brighten your day and distract you from those negative thoughts that pop up from time to time.

Another important strategy for coping with the anxiety for me was finding someone to confide in. I think it’s truly important to be vocal about the things we go through and to have someone there willing to listen. If no one comes to mind for you, then feel free to email me! Support is vital and I’m willing to be that support for anyone who needs it!

If you too struggle with those pesky little inner demons, I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. Soooo many people worldwide are facing this same struggle. There’s a whole community of us. Stay strong, and keep going!!! You’ve got this!

Much love ❤️


Maybe I expected way too much

Or maybe,

You just weren’t enough.


It’s easy to think of yourself as the problem when things go wrong. Whether in a relationship, friendship, or partnership of any kind. I think it’s important to take a step back and think to yourself that maybe…. just maybe… they were the problem. My anxiety usually tends to make me blame any and every little thing on myself and instantly put myself as the main cause for failure in a situation. I’m learning more and more that sometimes, it’s not necessarily my fault. That maybe sometimes, the situation is meant to teach me a lesson or show me someone’s true character. I’m starting to realize that I’m not always going to get what I put into a relationship back in return, and that’s okay. That’s a problem they must fix within themselves, not me. I know some people might be able to relate to this feeling and thought process and I’m here to tell you that you are not alone! Don’t blame their problems on yourself. Choose to see the good in you even if they can’t.

Much love ❤️

Don’t give up on yourself!

She looked at him and smiled as he doubted her.

How silly of him to underestimate her capabilities.


A little poem featured on my Instagram account that I thought I should share here too. All my life I’ve been faced with nonbelievers. People who have doubted me and my dreams because they weren’t considered “normal” avenues to reach success. I’ve watched these same people struggle with their own happiness even after following the path they assured me would be so worth it. Yet there they were “successful” but still utterly unfulfilled. See, I want way more out of life than merely getting by. If that means I have to work harder, longer, and more than some….well, I’m okay with that. Believe in yourselves enough to gamble on your dreams! Don’t let others hinder your efforts or deter you from you path.

Believe in YOU

Start each day with a positive mind set! You didn’t have to wake up today, you were chosen to!

Love yourself enough to invest the necessary time,

creating a life you’re proud of.

A life that excites you.

A life that means something to YOU.

A life you feel fulfilled in.

Love yourself enough to value this incredible gift you’ve been given.

Live a life with purpose and faith.

Believe whole heartedly in who you are,

and never let anyone alter how you see you.

Head held high,

Heart firmly planted,

and faith unbreakable.

You are a force to be reckoned with.

Believe that.

Take advantage of today. Make it count, and make it better than yesterday!

Growing Pains..

Growth is uncomfortable and unfamiliar.

Unchartered territory with “caution” and “beware” signs written all over it. Scaring us, and stopping us dead in our tracks because the fear of the unknown is terrifying. That uncertainty, that risk… will it be worth the reward? Who knows what obstacles lie behind those signs. What monsters are lurking there waiting for us to fail. Ready to pop out at any given moment and slip us up, dragging us away from our path…

But what if… behind those signs… behind the fear we instill in ourselves… past the doubt… under the hesitation… beneath the worry…

We find bliss. What if this is the key to setting ourselves free?? Pushing our limits to the point of discomfort and taking a leap expecting fully to fail but instead.. finding freedom in our abilities. What if here….in the unknown we find our comfort? Where we are finally free of all our inhibitions, our stress, our fear, and all of our questions that never had an answer before…now make sense.

What if the unknown isn’t so scary after all? What if it’s a playground for our creativeness? A carnival for our ideas. A vacation from our stress! The answer to all of our questions and problems!!

See here in the unknown, YOU make the rules. YOU set the standards. YOU pave the way for YOURSELF.

Fight past the warning signs, shut off that internal voice warning you not to try, don’t listen to the negativity from others, and take the leap. It’ll be uncomfortable at first but all growth is. That’s why they call it “growing pains.”

The Fight

I’ve felt your pain

Eyes red, dry, and burning from the tears.

I’ve felt how you feel

Empty but full with pain you don’t understand.

I’ve been been where you are 

Lost but constantly searching for a way out.

I’ve screamed like you scream

Begging someone will finally hear.

I’ve hated myself like you hate you

Wanting to disappear into thin air.

I’ve faced the same monster you face

Anxiety and Depression they’re real.

I’m fighting the fight you’re fighting

Every single day a battle.

From one fighter to another just know,

I’m so proud of you.

Keep Fighting.

Why A Blog?

Hello all!

So if you read my first post then you’re aware of my objective with this site! You might think why blog in order to get your point across? Why choose this avenue when it comes to helping other women? Truth is as a young girl traveling into adulthood, I didn’t have a “safe place” or somewhere to go that made me feel at ease or comfortable. Even within the walls of my home most of the time I felt like an outsider or like I just didn’t belong. Not there, not anywhere. That feeling of emptiness that I carried for so long led me to make the decision to create a space where other girls/women could turn to in their darkest of hours to see that they are not in fact alone. There are so many of us out there who face such terrifying struggles within our own mind and bodies that people will never truly see or understand.

In my own personal situation, I used humor as my mask. If you know me out in the real world, then you’ll most likely remember me smiling constantly or cracking jokes. I’ve always been that way and to be completely honest that’s always been my shield. I hid underneath my laugh and jokes, because people would automatically assume I was “okay” because I was always laughing and kidding around. This allowed me to hide my pain for years. It went unnoticed by teachers, friends, and even my family. To this day they have no idea how miserable of an existence I had as a kid, and I preferred it that way.

Now as an adult, I understand the importance of not hiding how I feel. I know now that ignoring my true feelings is what sent me into an even deeper hole. I never dealt with the issues going on internally I just let them fester. I get it, it’s not easy talking about this kind of stuff, but I truly believe it’s tougher to suffer in silence. It takes such an emotional and mental toll on you and your mind. Confide in a friend, a relative, a spouse, or a therapist! Just talk through your emotions and all the negativity in your head. You’d be surprised at how much of a weight you will feel has lifted off of you!

Next, find a hobby! Something you’re truly interested in that maybe you’ve held yourself back from doing, and go at it full speed. Invest your time and energy on this hobby or goal and work towards it with an open mind. You’d be amazed at why greatness you can achieve just by allowing yourself to try.

This step is a touchy one but I feel it’s necessary for our growth. It’s cutting ties with those who hold you back or speak negatively towards you or your goals. It’s true when they say that your circle of peers reflects greatly on your character. If you surround yourself with negativity or people who don’t wish to see you succeed, you will hinder your progress! Everyone needs a strong support system and individuals they can turn to for guidance, love, advice, and strength when theirs is lacking.

As women, I feel we are harder on ourselves. We have this idea that we have to have it all together ALL the time, and I’m here to tell you that, that mentality is the farthest thing from reality. It’s okay to not be okay all the time! It’s okay to get overwhelmed and frustrated! We are human and we are flawed and in that we are all unique and beautiful!

Until next time.