Breaking Barriers

We let our fear define us

Stopping us in our tracks before we truly even begin

Hindering our success

And limiting our abilities

Do not be crippled by others opinions of you

Or that inner voice of yours that says “you can’t” 

Break yourself out of all of those pesky barriers that you put in your own way

And no matter how hard it might be for you to do, try!

The worst that can happen is you might fail

And even that could be a blessing in disguise!

Because in our failures, lie the greatest lessons

So pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and continue trying.

It’s hard to go against our instincts which most of the time aim to protect us from failure or danger

So when something new presents itself and the result might not be success or easily achieved, our first instinct is to turn the other way and stick to what we know.

We have to make the conscious choice to rewire our thoughts and tune out the negativity.

Push yourself to the point of discomfort.

Who knows what awaits us there!

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

For starters, my name is Jessica Sheppard. I’m hoping to get very acquainted with you all over time, but for now let’s just go over some of the basics shall we?! I am a 25 year old stay at home mommy of two. I have a four year old son and a two and a half year old daughter. They are my everythinggg!

After becoming a mommy at the age of 21, I had to put my life into perspective and really start battling those pesky inner demons of mine that have weighed me down for as long as I could remember. Ever since I was a young girl anxiety and the fear of my anxiety held me back. It was paralyzing and sometimes even immobilizing for me. I had lived that way for years. Allowing myself to live in a bubble as a way of protecting myself from situations or people that would make me even the slightest bit uncomfortable. See, people didn’t have to say or do anything necessarily for my anxiety to kick in. Just being in a classroom or a room of strangers would set off my inner sirens and self destruct signals!

After having my children I realized there had to be a way to break this cycle of mine. My up and down battle with myself and my anxiety had to be put in check somehow because now I have tiny humans relying on me to pull it together for their sake. So I started doing research about natural ways I could cope with this anxiety of mine. I mean let’s face it most of us would rather not be an unstable emotional mess every day. I figured there had to be something that might help someone like me. I began reading everything I could get my hands on. Listening to those who came before me and were able to get ahead of their battle without resorting to medicine. (P.S. there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that approach! I just knew it was something I wouldn’t do well with personally, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work for somebody else!) After quite a bit of research, I decided I was going to take it day by day and begin setting aside some “me time.” This meant that every single day I’d set out time to do something that would make me happy. See life gets so busy sometimes and often enough, we forget to take the necessary time out for the little things. Like enjoying ourselves for example. In my case, me time involved taking some time out of my day to read a good book or write a little bit. Some nights  I’d leave my kids with my husband for a little bit and just go to the store alone just to clear my head. I found that once I started making myself a priority, my attitude began to change slightly. I decided to jump on that while it was still fresh and add more to the mix of what I was doing every day for myself. I started my Keto journey and with that decided to incorporate daily exercise. This is when I really started to see a change in myself. What I have come to realize from my experience is when you begin focusing all of your energy on bettering yourself, it’s really really difficult to get down on yourself as much. Believe me, it’ll still happen! I was hard on myself in the beginning about my progress, and it not happening as quickly as I’d like, but I kept going. I focused all of my brain power on doing things that would make me like myself a little more each day, and it was working! My anxiety and my inner voice had always convinced me that I wasn’t worthy or even capable of doing the things I dream about doing, but I was proving myself wrong! I’ve always been the type to start something and then give up midway. I would constantly talk myself out of what I was doing because I thought I would fail eventually anyway so what was the point?

Now I’m nowhere near where I want to be in regards to my body, but that’s okay! I’ve given myself a bar to reach for. I’ve set a standard for myself that never existed before. Now when I get up everyday I know what I have to do and I do it. I think for me the routine and knowing that my schedule was important to my progress was helping me feel accomplished. This sense of accomplishment led to me feeling a slight boost in my confidence.

Here we will discuss everything from mental health, emotional health, our physical health, and everything related to our overall well-being. I believe we are stronger together and hope that this page sheds some light on the internal battle a lot of us ladies battle silently every single day. I plan on taking you all with me on my journey of self exploration and hope that you can relate or take something away from this. I’ll be sharing my own personal experiences, struggles, opinions, and thoughts about everything that ties into our health. Now I am completely out of my comfort zone here, and keeping my anxiety at bay as best as I can so bare with me! Haha we got this!


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton